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This is an online source to find health insurance quotes. Please use the form above to find the health insurance that is most appropriate to you.

The following is a few most important points to consider when choosing a health insurance plan:

  • What coverage is enough for my family today?
  • What coverage should I be planning for in the future (such as maternity care)?
  • Do I have flexibility in my plan if my circumstances change?
  • Which plan gives me the most of what I need relative to my budget?

Health Insurance Categories

Individual/Family Health Insurance

Individual/Family Health Insurance provides medical coverage for you individually or for your family. There are various plan types, including traditional fee-for-service plans, HMO or PPO. Plans vary according to premium costs, out-of-pocket costs, insurance deductible amounts, choice of providers, level of coverage, etc. A health insurance broker can help individuals sort through the options, and find a health benefits plan that best matches cost and coverage.

Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance policies provide health benefits for a group of individuals, which can include employers, small businesses, professional associations, student organizations or religious organizations. Because the “group” pool together the collective risks of the individuals coverage, the per-person cost of coverage is generally lower than for a private market individual or family plan. However, the decision to provide group health benefits is generally a decision for the employer, small business or organization, and not the individuals covered.

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance plans are insurance plans tailored for college students. Student plans take advantage of the relatively healthier profiles of college students, and thus provides a price advantage for less-risky pool of plan members. Most 4-year colleges require that students have medical coverage during the time of their enrollment. To facilitate this, many colleges offer a sponsored health insurance plan for their students that may or may not be part of the tuition costs. However, in additional to this option, students can also find health insurance options from other private market insurers that may better fit their costs and needs.

Short-Term Health Insurance

Health plans that individuals can choose a short-term health plan during gaps in health coverage, such as in-between jobs. Short-term plans are like individual health insurance, but with a fixed time-table for coverage. Because of the coverage period is fixed, there is less of a need for the medical underwriting involved in a longer-term solution. As a result, the application process is generally less involved with fewer barriers to coverage. Short-Term Health Insurance serves more as “protection” against major medical expenses, as opposed to coverage for ongoing health needs. It is an important consideration given the potential for a major medical event to cause significant strain on personal finances, with medical-related personal bankruptcy as the worst-case scenario.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Also called “Medigap” insurance, Medicare Supplemental Insurance offers insurance coverage for approved medical expenses that are not paid for by a covered person's medicare health insurance. These expenses include the co-pays that are requisite in a Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance provides insurance coverage for eligible dental procedures. Plans generally cover routine procedures such as examinations, cleanings, fillings and more advanced procedures such as crowns and root canals. It operates similarly to other health insurance, in that there are premiums, deductibles, co-pays and reimbursements. In addition to “dental insurance”, individuals may also find dental coverage through Dental Plans, which are memberships whereby participating dental care providers have agreed to accept a discounted fee from plan members as payment-in-full for services performed.

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