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Medical Scribe- Family Medicine

Company: Staffing Firm/Recruiters
Location:Dallas, TX 75201
Category:Medical Records & Processing
Posted:Mar. 09, 2017
Job Type:Part-time
Compensation:< 10 per hour
Deadline:Open until filled

Description & Requirement

Elite Medical Scribes is the premier scribe training, staffing, and management company for hospitals, physician’s groups, and clinics in the United States. In all that we do, we strive to enhance the quality of patient care.
Working with Elite Medical Scribes is a great opportunity! In this role you will see first-hand what a provider does on a daily basis.  You will observe how providers assess and diagnose their patients, see hundreds of different patient interactions, create medical legal documents and be an integral part of a healthcare team. This position provides medical scribes a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of working with patients while building relationships with all of the medical staff. Those relationships and the invaluable experience gained gives medical scribes a definite advantage in their healthcare career goals. Additionally, we offer advancement opportunities where our employees have the ability to grow professionally into onsite managers, traveling trainers, project managers, etc.  We believe that our employees are the ingredients to our continual success in the medical scribe industry!
If this is the type of role that you’d love, here’s what we can offer you:

•        Excellent company culture – we don’t just say it, we live it!
•        Work in a dynamic and fast past medical environment.
•        Experience firsthand, medicine in action.
•        Full-Time and Part-Time opportunities at one of the largest medical scribe companies in America!
•        The most sophisticated medical scribe training program in the industry, The Elite Academy Online Training Program.
•        An amazing opportunity to learn the provider side of health care, ranging from Emergency Departments to Specialty Clinics. This includes internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics, pain management, urgent care, neurosurgery, cardiology, breast surgery, dermatology, radiology, urology, oncology, ENT, and OB/GYN.
•        Opportunity to build close relationship and mentorships with multiple medical professionals and request letters of recommendation for graduate school.
•        Great chance to gain connections and experience at some of the most well-known medical facilities in the industry.
•        Develop and improve knowledge and application of medical terminology.
•        Practical use of electronic medical records with systems such as EPIC, AllScripts, MEDITECH, MEDHOST, NextGen, Cerner, and more!
•        The ability to apply the knowledge gained through medical scribing to pre-med courses with real world scenarios.
•        Earn patient care hours and experience, that can directly impact your success if applying to graduate school.
•        Become a key contributor to the enhancement of the quality of patient care, as a necessary part of a medical team.

A Medical Scribe is present during the physician’s performance of a clinical service and assists the physician with documentation in the medical chart. The scribe will accompany the physician into the patient examination area in order to record in the EMR, paper chart, or documentation program, any HPI/PMH/ROS/Social History/Family History/Allergies as given or reported by the patient and/or physician. The scribe will record in the patient electronic chart any procedures performed by the physician. The scribe will record any consultations or discussions with family and/or the patient’s private physician or the on-call physician.
The scribe completes the patient’s chart by transcribing results of any labs, x-rays, or other evaluations. In doing so, the scribe continuously checks on the progress of this data in order to get the patient’s workup complete so that the physician is able to make his or her decisions regarding that patient. The scribe will input all proper diagnoses into the EMR and record any discharge/follow up instructions as directed by the physician. Every location has unique and specific goals, outlined by the provider(s), and you will be expected to work collaboratively as part of a team to achieve these goals.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities (may vary by location, specialty)
•        Accompany provider(s) into patient examination room to accurately and efficiently document the encounter.
•        Exhibit excellence in medical terminology, and billing & coding knowledge in all documentation.
•        List all proper admission or discharge diagnoses as well as follow-up care instructions as dictated by provider.
•        Document any procedures performed by provider(s).
•        Successfully navigate the location-specific Electronic Medical Record (or EMR) system to input documentation.
•        Make and receive phone calls on behalf of provider(s).
•        Inform provider(s) when diagnostic studies are completed, prepare for review, and document in EMR.
•        Multi-task efficiently and effectively as required.
•        Work under pressure, within time constraints.  Must be able to act calmly and effectively in a busy or stressful situation.
•        Exhibit excellent listening skills.
•        Concentrate on the needs of the provider(s) throughout entire shift.
•        Understand and observe legal concepts (e.g. HIPAA, confidentiality).
•        Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Additional Responsibilities and Requirements
•        Maintain professional appearance (uniform as specified) and conduct at all times.
•        Adhere to and observe Elite Medical Scribes and client partner work practices (e.g. cell phone use, food/drink policies).
•        Establish and maintain effective working relationships with provider(s), staff and management.
•        Perform other duties as assigned within legal parameters of position.

Core Competencies
•        Writing Skills – mastery of applicable language, knowledge and demonstration of proper grammar and spelling in documentation, ability to write concisely, clearly and logically.  
•        Typing Skills – must be able to type accurately at 50 net wpm or greater
•        Client Service – ability to respond to and anticipate needs, including the application of constructive critical feedback.
•        Interpersonal Relations – ability to exhibit understanding and respect of others to support and maintain professional relationships.
•        Computer Competency – skilled at operating computers and troubleshooting when necessary.
•        Document Use – ability to use and understand documents required throughout execution of duties.
•        Ethics – personal and professional ethics in observance of legal requirements and company standards.
•        Ability to maintain and adjust to changing needs of provider(s) and to location as a whole.
•        Ability to work independently as well as part of a team (be self-directed, energetic, motivated, driven, and humble).

Minimum Qualifications:
•        18 years of age.
•        HS Diploma or equivalent
•        Highly proficient typing skills inclusive of speed and accuracy.
•        50 net wpm or greater (may vary by location)

Preferred Qualifications:
•        Sophomore level in college (or higher).
•        Pre-health track preferred degrees in the Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and/or Pre-health track preferred (aspirations to become a MD, DO, PA, NP, PT, OT, Nurse, DDS, DVM, PsyD, PhD, BSW, etc.)
•        Anatomy, physiology, medical terminology courses are highly desired in individuals with non-science degrees.
•        GPA 3.0 or above.
Physical Requirements:
•        Standing and walking for long periods of time, up to 100%.
•        Lifting up to 40 pounds.
•        Constant typing and data entry with real time auditory discrimination from dictation.
•        Visual assessment and documentation of patient encounter.



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